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Yokogawa F1 Smart Paperless Recorder


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1 in stock

Yokogawa DX2008-1-4-2 DAQStation Style H2 S2 Suffix F1 Smart Paperless Recorder
Asset No 105570000155-0004 CostC: NTWK-J10SR

Yokogawa is a multinational Japanese electrical engineering and software company based in Japan that operates through information, control, and measurement technologies. They are a leading provider of industrial automation and measurement solutions. Technology is combined with engineering services, maintenance, and project management to deliver field-tested quality, dependability, safety, and efficiency.

Yokogawa’s most well-known products include production control systems, measurement equipment, flow meters, oxygen analyzers, fieldbus instruments, Manufacturing Execution Systems, and Advanced Process Control.

Yokogawa products are used in a variety of industries that require process control systems. Depending on the scope of the project and the requirements, offers Advanced Process Control (APC) solutions for refineries, petrochemical facilities, and chemical plants. It also designs and manufactures the most sophisticated confocal spinning disks for confocal microscopes.

Product Details:

DAQ stands for “Data Acquisition” and is used to measure the physical or electrical phenomena of the real world such as sound, temperature, current, voltage, power, or pressure. It also measures flow, stress, strain, acceleration, humidity, PH, and more through transducer and sensors. This information is fed to computers, which then even predict natural events, A DAQ system comprises of sensors, DAQ measurement hardware, and a computer with programmable software, hardware is either connected to the computer using the USB ports or through the PCI-Express slots on the motherboard. The DAQ hardware withdraws the analog signals from the sensors and transform them in to digital signals readable by the computers.

Determining the absolute recorders/data loggers revolve around on your utilization. Particular components include type of sensors, sample rates, mobility, channel scalability, analysis ability, signal conditioning, and environmental conditions.


Brand/Company: Yokogawa

Model Type: Style H2 S2 Suffix F1,

Model Number: DX2008-1-4-2

Product Type: Smart paperless Recorder / DAQ Station

Additional Information: AC Supply ranging 100-240V AC along with the frequency of 50-60Hz.

Condition: The item is not in original packaging and is used with good condition and working, not sealed no accessories or cables within.


Data acquisition (DAQ) systems can be used in multiple applications/events including,

  • The manufacturing of single vehicle component
  • For an Aircraft assembling
  • For the assessment of the properties of a solar power plant
  • Monitoring of Buildings or in Civil Engineering works
  • For wind strength and direction along with weather monitoring
  • Energy and Calamities like earthquakes or destructive winds
  • In Biomedical
  • Aero-
  • Recording a seismograph


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