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Modicon Schneider TSXH5744M UNY HSBY Processor


1 in stock


1 in stock

Modicon Schneider TSXH5744M Unity Hot Standby Processor

** Please Note any used item may have some marks / scratches, 
in case of any specific damage or serious cosmetic issue we will 
notify,and also provide clear visibility in pictures


Brand/Company: Schneider

Product type: Unity Hot Standby processor

Model: TSXH5744M

Condition: This is a used item in normal and working condition

Range of product Modicon premium automation platform
Product or component type Unity hot standby processor
Software designation Unity pro
Discrete i/o processor capacity 2048 i/o
Analog i/o processor capacity 256 i/o
Number of application-specific channels 64
Number of process control channel 20 up to 60 simple loops
Integrated connection type Non-isolated serial link female mini din connector (rs485) (19.2 kbit/s)
ethernet tcp/ip rj45 connector
USB port USB type a connector (12 mbit/s)
Port ethernet 10base-t/100base-tx
Communication module processor capacity 4
Memory description Internal ram (with pcmcia card) 2048 kb program
internal ram (with PCMCIA card) 440 kb data
internal ram (without PCMCIA card) 440 kb program and data
PCMCIA card 16384 kb additional data storage
Application structure 1 master task
System overhead 1 ms for master task
Marking Ce
Local signaling 1 led (green) for ethernet tcp/ip port ready (run)
1 led (green) for processor running (run)
1 led (red) for collision detection (col)
1 led (red) for ethernet tcp/ip port fault (err)
1 led (red) for i/o module or configuration fault (i/o)
1 led (red) for processor or system fault (err)
1 led (yellow) for activity on ter or aux terminal port (ter)
1 led (yellow) for ethernet link diagnostics (sts)
1 led (yellow) for reception activity (RX)
1 led (yellow) for transmission activity (tx)
Current consumption 1880 ma at 5 v dc
Module format Double
Net weight 0.61 kg


  • The Premium Hot Standby offer, compatible with Unity Pro software, ensures continuity of operation of a Modicon Premium automation platform control system in the event of failure of:
  1. The central processing and communication functions
  2. All or part of the I/O system


  • It covers all the requirements for availability when the PLC’s mission is to monitor and control an installation in continuous duty, indicate problems to a control station, and send the supervision manager’s control instructions to various locations.


  • Examples of areas of application:
  1. Building management system for a public site (tunnel, airport, signaling, etc.)
  2. Control and monitoring of water treatment or desalination plant
  3. Electrical management system
  4. Production of hydroelectric power, etc.


Condition and Details:

This is a used item in normal condition and working

Not In Original Packing

No Accessories / Cable or probe (only what showing into actually given pictures and in description).

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