Drager 6871092-04 Oxygen Sensor 6871000-08 Sensorelement Pato New

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Drager 6871092-04 

Oxygen Sensor 6871000-08

 Sensorelement Pato 

Assy 6871512-05

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Model: Drager 6871092-04, Oxygen Sensor 6871000-08

Condition: New item


This Drager 6871092-04 Oxygen Sensor is an electronic device that measures the proportion of oxygen in the gas or liquid being analysed. The oxygen sensor works by checking the amount and is capable of sensing real-time data of the unburnt oxygen within the exhaust.

This Oxygen sensor gives high graded results through which you may know proper air fuel ratio which is an important factor in keeping your car in its best position when it comes to running smoothly. The machine measures the oxygen level & portrays the information to the engines computer which helps in knowing the concentration of oxygen in the fuel used in the car (if its enough or less).

Since this Oxygen sensor machine plays an important role in good performance of the engine it is must to know how it works!


This oxygen sensor is easy to use as it produces voltage to turn hot, on the tip of the oxygen sensor that plugs into the exhaust manifold is a zirconium ceramic bulb (placed internally and out as well through the sensor body) which is coated with platinum serving as electorates. The bulb which is placed outside gets exposed to the gases which then creates the difference between the oxygen level of both of the bulbs resulting in the flow of voltage which is then read through the engine monitor and noted.

  • If the fuel ratio is an incline the voltage is relatively low (approximately 0.1 volts).
  • If the fuel ratio is rich, the voltage is relatively high (approximately 0.9 volts).
  • When the air/fuel mixture is at the stoichiometric ratio the oxygen sensor produces 0.45 volts.

Based on the readings gained the reliability of the engine could be assured along with a smooth drive!


  • This Oxygen Sensor is a reliable and quick source of measuring oxygen combustion which provides accurate measurements and rapid responses. Moreover, due to its simple design and functioning it is way more convenient as compared to other machines and could be maintained easily. In addition to these, this machine due to its best quality can be used more frequently and in a continuous way.
  • This further helps by bringing benefits to the car owner by making the car more fuel- efficient and reducing the chances of emissions and catalyst converter damage as these sensors enable vehicles to have greater control over their emissions output, without affecting engine performance.

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Drager 6871092-04 

Oxygen Sensor 6871000-08

 Sensorelement Pato 

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