Diener electronic Nano plasma surface technology HF Generator type: Nano U47954


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Diener Electronic Nano plasma surface technology HF Generator 

In electronics and telecommunication technology, the term “High-Frequency” refers to high frequencies of the electric current and electric and/or magnet fields. High-frequency alternating fields are used to excite low-pressure plasma. High voltage is not required. With high-frequency excitation, there is no current flow, therefore low power dissipation and above all a low temperature rise. This means that substrates with low heat resistance can be treated in low-pressure plasma with high-frequency excitation, especially almost all types of plastics. In Plasma technology, only approved ISM frequencies in the kHz, MHz and GHz band can be used. In addition to gas discharge, high-frequency excitation is the second fundamental technology for generating a technical plasma.


  • Brand/Company: Diener electronic
  • Model: U47954
  • Type: Nano
  • Condition: Used item, tested and working, with no accessories, only complete machin


  • Stable construction.
  • Anti-discharge circuit (ant flash) complete with HF filter.
  • Thyratron type control circuit.
  • Operation control with potentiometer.
  • Direct operation with triode interdiction.
  • Safety screw on panels.

Safety switches on detachable panels.

 Working pull
Mfg: 2011
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Diener electronic Nano 
plasma surface technology HF Generator 

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