Anritsu MT8820C Radio Comm. Analyzer OPT. 011,013,021,031,032 011,041 ES21 GSM


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Anritsu MT8820C Radio Communcaion Alalyzer 

The Radio Communication Analyzer MT8820C platform covers 30 MHz to 2.7 GHz (3.4 GHz to 3.8 GHz valid only if MT8820C-018 is installed). Installing optional software and hardware supports evaluation of key TRx characteristics for LTE-Advanced FDD / TDD DL CA, LTE FDD / TDD, W-CDMA /HSPA /HSPA Evolution / DC-HSPA /4C-HSDPA, TD-SCDMA / TD-HSPA / TD-HSDPA Evolution, GSM /GPRS / EGPRS, and PHS / ADVANCED PHS terminals.

One MT8820C supports high-speed batch measurements of RF TRx characteristics and call connection tests for 2G/3G/4G mobile terminals. In addition, installing the MX882012C/13C supports RF TRx tests required for manufacturing LTE FDD/TDD terminals and data cards. The MX8820C/13C supports 2×2 MIMO DL LTE RX throughput tests too.


Brand/Company: Anritsu

Model: MT8820C

Condition: Tested and Working

OPT. 011,013,021,031,032 011,041 ES210


Anritsu MT8820C Radio Communcaion Alalyzer 

OPT. 011,013,021,031,032

OPT. 011,041

OPT. 011

OPT. 011,021

OPT. 011,021

OPT. 011

OPT. 008,009

Installed Software MX882002C

OPT. 011,013,021,031,032

OPT. 011,041

Installed Software MX882006C

OPT. 011

Installed Software MX882007C

Installed Software MX882010C

OPT. 011,021

Installed Software MX882012C

OPT. 011,021

Installed Software MX882013C

OPT. 011

Installed Software MX882050C

OPT. 008,009

OPT. 001,002,003,005,007,008,012,017

Phone2 OPT. 001,002,003,005,008

OPT. ES210

Full details showing inside equipment configuration, Kindly review. 

Software Version.

Firmware : MT8820C 23.05 #007

IPL 20.03 #002

OS 20.05 #001 


LTE : MX882012C/13C 23.21 #000

ARB : Q 008

Software Option.

MT8820C-17 extended Rf Hardware

Mx882000C W-CDMA Measurement Software

Mx882000C-011  HSDPA Measurement Software

Mx882000C-013 HSDPA High Data Rate

Mx882000C-021 HSUPA Measurement Software

Mx882000C-031 HSPA Evolution Measurement Software 

Mx882000C-032 DC-HSDPA Measurement Software

Mx882001C GSM Measurement Software

Mx882001C-011 EGPRS Measurement Software 

Mx882001C-041 GSM High-Speed Adjustment

Mx882002C CDMA2000 Measurement software

Mx882006C 1xEV-DO Measurement software 

Mx882006C-011 TD-SCDMA Measurement Software 

Mx882007C TD-SCDMA Measurement Software

Mx882007C-011 TD-SCDMA HSDPA Measurement Software

Mx882007C-021 TD-SCDMA HSDPA Measurement Software

Mx882010C Parallel Phone Measurement Software

Mx882012C LTE FDD Measurement Software

Mx882012C-011 LTE FDD 2×2 MIMO DL

Mx882012C-021 LTE-Advanced FDD DL CA Measurement software

Mx882013C LTE TDD Measurement Software

Mx882013C-011 LTE TDD 2×2 MIMO DL

Mx882050C W-CDMA Call Processing software 

Mx882050C-008 W-CDMA Band XI

Mx882050C-009 W-CDMA Band IX

Hardware Revision.

Main CPU ID00 Rev. 20 FPGA 0007

TDMA Com1 — — —

CDMA2000 COM1 — — —

1xEV-DO COM1 — — —

W-CDMA Com1 — — —

LTE Com1 — — —

Measure DSP1 ID06 Rev. 02 FPGA 0000

DAC/ADC ID07 Rev. 01 FPGA 0012

TDMA COM2 — — —

CDMA2000 COM2 — — — 

1xEV-DO COM2 — — — 


  • RF tests for LTE-Advanced DL CA, LTE,2G AND 3G terminals.
  • Market-leading TD-SCDMA functionality including HDPA and HSDPA Evolution.
  • Fast test times for R&D, service and manufacturing.
  • Supports manufacturing including non-signaling UE calibration and Functional tests.
  • Backwards compatibility with MT8820A/B.
  • Parallel phone measurement option for testing 2 terminals using the RF, AF, GPIB or Ethernet port of a single MT8820C unit.
  • GSM measurements: The transmit frequency, phase error (RMS and peak), transmit power, power vs., time (template mask), and output RF spectrum can be measured.
  • W-CDMA measurements: The transmit power, frequency error, occupied bandwidth, spectrum emission mask, adjacent channel leakage power ratio, Modulation accuracy, and peak code domain error can be measured.
  • LTE measurement: the transmit power, frequency error, occupied bandwidth, spectrum emission mask, adjacent channel leakage power ratio, modulation accuracy and constellation can be measured. In addition, it supports Modulation Analysis with setting of PUSCH-EVM with exclusion period.

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Anritsu MT8820C Radio Communcaion Alalyzer 

OPT. 011,013,021,031,032 011,041 ES210

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